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IL defense attorneyDomestic battery is a very serious crime that affects everyone involved. If you have been accused of committing the act of domestic battery, then you may lose your overall quality of life. If children are involved in domestic battery, then your actions may cause them to make more questionable life decisions in the future, including committing the act of domestic battery on others.

Statistics of Children Involved in Domestic Battery and Violence

Every year, as many as 10 million children in the United States witness domestic battery and violence at home. Especially when children are involved, domestic battery and violence is considered to be a family affair and cannot be hidden, even when the abuser and person affected try hard to hide domestic battery and violence.


IL divorce lawyerCollege is one of the most exciting experiences for individuals. Especially for those who are moving out of the family home for the first time in their lives, the newly found independence is something to look forward to. Unfortunately, there are many situations where the college student’s parents are in the process of filing for divorce while they are beginning their journey through college. The divorce alone can have a negative impact on the college student’s performance in college, as well as social interactions.

What Can Parents Do to Help Their Children in College?

If the divorcing parents have a child who is starting his or her freshman year in college, it may be a good idea for the parents to temporarily stay together for the sake of their child. Even though the marriage may not actually be saved, there is a feeling of keeping everything civil between each spouse. Unless the marriage has been proven to be toxic, it may be in the college-age child’s best interest for the parents to wait until he or she moves away to school before officially filing for divorce.


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_188066681-1.jpgDivorce is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. After several years of working toward a healthy relationship, the bottom often falls out. When a married couple decides to file for divorce, each spouse often faces financial hardships which could destroy the credit score, leaving each spouse less able to apply for loans or make investments. Before making the official decision to file for divorce, it is very important to look at the finances to see how well each spouse can navigate when living separately.

What to Consider When Filing for Divorce

When a married couple decides that now is the time to file for divorce, there are five key areas to consider before making the huge life change:


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