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What Kind of Penalties Will I Face For a Construction Zone Speeding Ticket?

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IL defense lawyerThere are a plethora of reasons why people speed when they are driving. Maybe you are running late for work and you push on the pedal a little harder to get there quicker. Maybe you are rushing to get to the hospital because your wife is in labor with your child. Perhaps you do not even realize that you are speeding at all or maybe you know you are speeding but you do not think you will receive a ticket for only going 10 mph over the limit. Whatever the reason, it is illegal to speed when there is a posted speed limit on the road. The penalties for speeding become even more serious when you disobey the speed limit in an Illinois construction zone.

Petty Offense Speeding Tickets

In Illinois, it is illegal for you to disobey the speed limit on any road, no matter if it is a construction zone or not. Though you can receive a ticket for any speeding offense, you will not be charged with a crime unless you are going a certain amount over the speed limit. As long as you are going less than 26 mph over the speed limit, you will only be committing a petty offense, meaning you will receive a ticket with a fine of at least $250 for the first violation and at least $750 for a second or subsequent violation.

Aggravated Speeding in a Construction Zone

If you are caught going more than 26 mph over the speed limit, you can be charged with aggravated speeding. Aggravated speeding, in general, can be a serious charge, but penalties get even more severe if you are speeding in a construction zone. Aggravated speeding in a construction zone carries the following penalties:

  • Speeding between 26 mph and 35 mph over the posted special speed limit: Class B misdemeanor, which carries up to six months in prison and between $75 and $1,500 in fines; and
  • Speeding 35 mph or more over the posted special speed limit: Class A misdemeanor, which carries up to one year in prison and between $75 and $2,500 in fines.

Do Not Just Accept Your Speeding Ticket -- Hire a DuPage County Speeding Ticket Attorney Today

Almost everyone has been guilty of speeding at one point or another, though not everyone is caught doing it. If you have been caught speeding and have been issued a ticket, you can expect to face exorbitant fines and even jail time in some cases. By getting help from a knowledgeable Oak Brook speeding ticket lawyer, you can be sure that you are given a fair chance to fight your charges. At Myers Law LLC, we will provide trusted legal advice and fight to get you the best outcome possible. For a free 15-minute phone consultation, call our office today at 844-984-3529.





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