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Tips to Help Keep Your Teen From Getting a Ticket

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IL traffic violation attorneyWe all know what it was like when we first got our driver’s license - freedom at last. One of the big American teenage milestones is getting your license, but according to multiple studies and statistics, teens pose a risk to themselves and other drivers when they are behind the wheel. According to a study published by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drivers ages 16-17 years old had a crash rate that is close to double the crash rate of drivers ages 18-19 and about 4.5 times the crash rate for drivers ages 30-39, 40-49 and 50-59. One of the best ways you can keep your teen from getting a ticket is by teaching them proper driving techniques. Here are four tips you can use to help prevent your teen from getting a ticket:

  1. Make Sure Your Teen Gets Enough Practice

This can be one of the most important things you can do because much of the teen’s driving mistakes are made because they are young and inexperienced drivers. It is recommended that teens get at least 50 hours of driving time in multiple conditions, such as nighttime driving, driving in the rain or in the snow. Fifty hours of driving practice should be enough to provide a reasonable understanding of driving, but each teen is different, so your teen could require more time.

  1. Talk to Your Teen about Responsibility

Your responsibility as a parent is to make sure that your child keeps themselves safe at all times, but you also have an obligation to teach your teens that driving is a privilege that comes with serious consequences if you do not take it seriously. You should stress to your teen that when they are behind the wheel of the car, they have the responsibility to others to not drive in a way that puts their or other lives in danger.

  1. Set Consequences for Breaking Rules

You should also make it clear that breaking the rules of the road or driving irresponsibly come with consequences not only from the law but from you. If your child is caught breaking a rule about distraction, using their cell phone while driving or not paying attention to the road, taking away their driving privileges, setting times between which they can drive or limiting places that they are able to drive to are all appropriate punishments.

  1. Be a Good Example

Just like when they were babies who looked to you to learn how to walk and talk, your teens are also looking to you to learn how to drive. If you check your cell phone while you are driving, your teen probably will too. You are the best role model that your teen has, so making sure that you are following all traffic rules and practicing safe driving is crucial.

A DuPage County Teen Driving Ticket Attorney Can Help

Though it is tragic that teens have the highest car accident rates, it is not surprising. Teens are still developing into their early 20s, so their decision-making skills and maturity are not fully developed yet. You play a significant part in helping to protect your child and others while they are behind the wheel, but there is only so much you can prevent. If your child has gotten a traffic ticket for speeding or another traffic offense, you should consult with an Oak Brook traffic ticket lawyer. Myers Law LLC can help you discuss your teen’s options and what the best course of action would be. To schedule a consultation, call the office at 844-984-3529.






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