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IL traffic violations attorneyHundreds of Illinois drivers were stopped on July 25, 2018 -- Speed Awareness Day -- for driving above the posted speed limit. Many of those stopped were given speeding tickets.

On Speed Awareness Day, Illinois State Police issued 697 citations for speeding and 566 written warnings. The police were focused on more than just speeding. They also gave out 350 citations and 675 written warnings for other traffic violations.

In addition, officers took the day as an opportunity to remind motorist about the “Fatal Four Violations,” which are violations that often lead to fatal accidents. The Fatal Four are: driving under the influence, speeding, failing to wear a seatbelt, and distracted driving.


Illinois traffic defense lawyerMost people will admit to speeding once or twice. In fact, a recent study from Purdue University determined that 43 percent of drivers feel there is nothing wrong with driving up to ten miles an hour over the speed limit. What happens, though, when someone gets a little carried away, goes faster than that, and gets caught? In Illinois, it could mean being charged with aggravated speeding. What is this charge, and how might it impact your life? The following explains, and it provides details on how an experienced attorney can help.

Aggravated Speeding in Illinois

Outlined in 625 ILCS 5/11-601.5, aggravated speeding applies when a driver exceeds the speed limit by 26 miles per hour or more. If the driver does not exceed 35 miles per hour over the limit, the charge is considered a Class B misdemeanor. Anything that exceeds 35 miles per hour may be considered a Class A misdemeanor. Both charges come with hefty consequences, and either may permanently scar your criminal record. As such, individuals are encouraged to seek legal assistance when fighting against the charges.


Illinois traffic lawer, Illinois speeding violation attorneyWere you stopped for allegedly driving over the speed limit within the state of Illinois? Many residents are quick to pay their speeding ticket just to make the matter “disappear.” Before mailing in your hard-earned money, you may want to turn that citation over and read the back. There is a significant amount of information available there, much of which has a direct impact on your driving status and your future. The citation is much more than paying money to the state; it admits guilt of breaking the law.

The Path of Least Resistance

It is human nature to take the easiest course to avoid extended spending extra time and money dealing with an unpleasant issue. After receiving a citation, the path of least resistance is to pay a ticket. What many do not realize is that to pay the ticket is the same as being found guilty by a judge. Yes, paying the penalty gets the matter over with as quickly as possible. However, it also has the following negative impacts:


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