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IL defense lawyerIt is the news you have been dreading since you first handed over a set of car keys to your teenage driver: he or she has been in a traffic accident. While it is no surprise that teenage drivers often are involved in car accidents, parents are usually upset and worried when they hear the news.

After treating any injuries that may have been sustained, parents might next have to handle any legal repercussions being faced by their teenage driver. If your child is considered at fault or partially at fault in the accident, he or she may have received a traffic ticket.

When helping your child in the aftermath of a traffic accident where they were at fault, it is helpful to keep the following things in mind:


IL traffic attorneyMany drivers find it hard to believe, but under Illinois law, you could be sentenced to jail time for speeding. While most speeding tickets come with only a fine, aggravated speeding could be punishable by jail time. Aggravated or excessive speeding means driving at least 26 mph over the posted speed limit on an Illinois highway.

Driving 26 mph Over the Posted Speed Limit

Driving 26 mph over the posted speed limit is a Class B misdemeanor. Under Illinois law, Class B misdemeanors are punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,500 fine in addition to mandatory court costs.


b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-44.jpgThe winter is the worst time to drive over the speed limit on the roads. Depending on the weather, the roads may be snowy, wet, or icy. The best way to ensure safe travels includes starting the drive at least ten minutes earlier than usual, driving slower to avoid sliding on the roads, and being extremely cautious overall. Speeding during the winter is dangerous and can lead to severe car accidents. Although there are still thousands of speeding tickets that are being handed out each year in the state of Illinois, the rate of issued speeding tickets has decreased significantly.

How Many Speeding Tickets are Handed Out Every Year?

In Illinois, by the end of 2010 as many as over 211,000 speeding tickets were issued. Five years later, only 126,959 speeding tickets were issued, which was about a 40 percent decrease in issued speeding tickets from the previous years. By the end of September 2016, as many as about 78,000 speeding tickets were issued, and as few as slightly over 104,000 speeding tickets were expected to be issued by the end of that year. This number of issued speeding tickets is half of the amount of speeding tickets issued in 2010.


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