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How Long Does a Speeding Violation Impact Your Record?

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Downer’s Grove speeding ticket defense attorney, speeding violation, traffic violations, Illinois driving record, speeding violationsMost people have experienced a morning where everything seems to go wrong. For example, you may wake up late. In your haste, you pour coffee down your white, buttoned up shirt and are therefore forced to change clothes. Hence, you end up running later to work.

Trying to make up for lost time, you speed through traffic while practically inhaling breakfast in the car. Unfortunately, police lights then appear in your rearview mirror. On the bright side, being pulled over and issued a ticket is written-proof of your attempt to be on time— as well as an excuse for the delay—if your boss is the type to find a silver-lining. However, the issuance of a speeding ticket brings about a flood of thought provoking questions.

Your Money Matters

You can probably rattle off at least a dozen items you would rather spend your hard earned paycheck on instead of a traffic speeding ticket. The thought is not uncommon, which results in many questioning whether or not they need to pay the ticket. You must understand, however, that if you do pay the fine you are thus pleading guilty. Additionally, this may also result in points on your license. The result is the same should you go to court and the presiding judge determines guilt in the courtroom. However, in a court of law, the judge listens to your story and the facts surrounding the case, which may result in reduced or dismissed charges.

The Duration of the Penalty

Time can heal wounds, reduce suffering, and make points roll off of a driving record. A guilty verdict in a speeding case adds points to your record. Every driver starts with zero points. The object of driving is to maintain the zero status. Collecting points results in adverse effects to your driving privileges. Speeders gain anywhere between five and 55 points with each conviction, with 55 being the highest at a reckless driving conviction.

With enough points or three convictions of moving offenses within a 12 month period, your license may be revoked or suspended. The good news is that points “roll off” of your record after a specified duration. For instance:

For minor violations, points roll off in four or five years, including:

  • Speeding;
  • Disobeying a traffic signal; or
  • Improper lane passing.

For more severe crimes, points roll off minimally after seven years, including:

  • Convictions resulting in suspension; or
  • Guilty verdict resulting in revocation.

Contact an Attorney

If you have questions about a speeding ticket, one you received or one a loved one received, the best advice includes contacting an attorney. Each case has minute details which may alter the course of legal action if appropriately identified by a professional. If you would like to discuss your concerns with a Downer’s Grove, IL speeding ticket defense attorney, contact Myers Law LLC today. We proudly offer a free initial consultation to those who call 844-9-The-Law today.




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