Resort Destination Wedding Legal?

For many people, "marriage" is a beautiful time where couples profess their love and devotion for each other in front of witnesses.  For example, in ancient times, lovers could Handfast, typically considered a pagan ritual although sometimes the term is thought of as synonymous for marriage, where exchanging verbal intent to be married in front of witnesses bound two people in marriage.  

Today, there are many legalities when it comes to marriage.  Each State and each Country have their own legal requirements for a couple to consider themselves legally married.  To some, the legalities are less important than true love, but the problem arises if the couple later wants to divorce/separate.  If a couple was never legally married, none of the remedies regarding property distribution apply when separation occurs.

The above article discusses Mexico's laws and New York State law regarding the legalities of marriage.  In this case, the marriage was not legal, but the woman had joined various property with her husband to be.  Because the marriage was not legal, she had no recourse under the dissolution statutes to help her regain her property at separation.  Although she could file a civil lawsuit and put forth various arguments, clearly her rights are not as protected as if they had actually been married.  

When considering marriage, contact your attorney to help you sort through the legalities of marriage.  Unless you don't really want to be married.  In that case, you can contact the above mentioned resort in Mexico.