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Overweight Load Tickets for CDL Drivers in Illinois

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IL defense lawyerThose who hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are held to higher standards than your normal driver. Because of the large size and weight of commercial vehicles, drivers need to have more knowledge, experience, and skills to operate a commercial vehicle safely and successfully. This is why drivers are required to pass both a knowledge test and a skills test to get their CDL. This is also why CDL drivers are held to higher standards when it comes to operating their vehicles. There are multiple traffic violations that carry penalties that are much harsher than penalties for normal drivers and there are also penalties that only apply to commercial drivers. One of those penalties is the overweight truck ticket.

What Is an Overweight Ticket?

In most states, there are laws that dictate how heavy certain vehicles can be when they are driving on the roads. While this may seem like a strange restriction, there is actually a reason behind placing limitations on the weight of vehicles. Trucks that have overweight loads can, over time, cause extensive damage to roads, bridges, and highways. Repairing this infrastructure is not cheap and can actually cost the state millions of dollars to repair. This is why Illinois, like most other states, issue tickets for trucks or other commercial vehicles that are overweight.

Illinois Overweight Truck Tickets

In the state of Illinois, a police officer only has to have “reason to believe that the weight of a vehicle and load is unlawful.” If a police officer pulls you over because they believe your load is overweight, you must submit to a weighing of your vehicle, which can be measured by either a portable or stationary scale. The law also states that if it is found that the vehicle is, in fact, overweight, you must park in a suitable place in order to remove a portion of the load so that the vehicle is not overweight before you can proceed.

Penalties For Illinois Overweight Tickets

In addition to having to correct the overweight before you can begin driving again, you are also subject to monetary fines, depending on how overweight your vehicle was. Fines are determined as follows:

  • $100 for up to 2,000 pounds overweight;
  • $270 for up to 2,500 pounds overweight;
  • $330 for up to 3,000 pounds overweight;
  • $520 for up to 3,500 pounds overweight;
  • $600 for up to 4,000 pounds overweight;
  • $850 for up to 4,500 pounds overweight;
  • $950 for up to 5,000 pounds overweight; and
  • $1,500 for the first 5,000 pounds overweight and an additional $150 for each additional 500 pounds.

Are You Facing a CDL Ticket? A DuPage County CDL Ticket Defense Lawyer Can Help

Getting a ticket can be a nerve-wracking experience no matter what, but when you get one as a commercial driver, you could be facing damaging consequences to your career. Before you pay your traffic ticket - which is an admittance of guilt - you should talk to an Oak Brook CDL ticket defense attorney. At Myers Law, LLC, we can help you understand your options with CDL tickets and negotiate your fines down. Call our office today at 844-984-3529 to schedule a consultation.




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