Mentally Ill Judge Removed from Bench

The Judicial Code of Ethics governs judicial conduct.  This link is an article that describes how a Cook County Judge was removed from the Bench after allegations of shoving a Sheriff and other inappropriate comments due to her mental illness.  Any person can make a complaint to this board regarding a Judge's conduct.  Often times, a Judge dispenses 'tough justice' where one or both parties feel the Judge doesn't like them, isn't be nice, or isn't fair.  Other times the attorney fears reprisal or a negative outcome for their client by filing a complaint.  Attorneys must deal with these difficult issues.  First, attorneys must manage client expectations so the clients know what to expect.  Second, know your Judge.  If you don't know your Judge, find out and ask someone who does.  Third, Judges are human and can have bad days and make mistakes.  A good attorney knows the difference between a true Judicial Conduct Violation and a bad day.  In difficult situations, other Judges may intervene when they see inappropriate behavior from another Judge.  This can help address and rectify judicial behavior, enforcing the Judicial Code of Ethics before a formal complaint may need to be filed.