Illinois traffic violation attorney, Illinois defense lawyerDuring the barely-alert state of your morning commute, you forget you are on a toll road and fly past the toll booth without a pass or payment. You are on your route to work and tell yourself that you will pay it when you get home. But, by the time you get home, you have forgotten all about your morning toll incident. A week later, you have a rude reminder when you check your mailbox: you have a toll violation. Before you pay that fine, stop and consider the repercussions.

Paying the Ticket Screams “I Am Guilty”

The Illinois Tollway sends out traffic violations seven days after the missed payment. The Notice of Toll Violation provides a significant amount of information, but the information people focus on is the cost of the bill. Although the fines become hefty due to the additional $20.00 charge for a toll violation, the thought of a court hearing strikes fear into the hearts of many citizens, and they choose to pay exorbitant totals. However, doing so is agreeing that you are guilty of the behavior, which may result in additional points on your license, increased insurance rates, and a potential loss of licensure.

Do Not Ignore the ticket

Another frequent response is to ignore the ticket entirely, which should not be considered as an option at all. Do not be tempted to hope that the charge sweeps under the rug and somehow your license plate avoided notice among the thousands of drivers in the area. Although it has happened to a few lucky drivers, you may have a better chance at winning the lottery. The sooner you get the matter cleared, the better. For instance, if you had paid the toll fee within seven days of going through the stop, there would have been no penalty. As the charge went unpaid past the seven days grace period, there is now a fee of $20.00 per toll during that trip. You have 30 days to pay or to request a hearing. If you choose to wait, the penalties increase, including:

Get Assistance before It Gets Out of Hand

It is important to understand that although taking no action is inadvisable, so is giving in and paying your fine. Although the violation itself lists several defenses that are inapplicable, this does not mean that a case option is not available to you. To have your questions answered to discover a credible solution, contact a lawyer today. To reach a Wheaton, IL traffic ticket defense attorney, contact Myers Law LLC today by calling (844) 9-THE-LAW today to schedule your free and initial confidential consultation.