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How Does Blood Alcohol Content Affect Your Ability to Drive?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_251600833.jpgFar too often, a relaxing evening out with family and friends has resulted in a night behind bars, all because of the preventable act of driving under the influence. If you have been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, the charges may bring unwanted consequences that could cost you your overall quality of life, such as future employment opportunities, driving privileges, and even your car.

What is Blood Alcohol Content?

Blood alcohol content (BAC) is defined as the ratio of alcohol levels to breath or blood. The legal BAC level is 0.08; however, a driver can be convicted of driving under the influence for a percentage as low as 0.05 if he or she shows evidence of impaired driving.

What Determines the Effect of Alcohol on an Individual?

Two basic factors determine the effect of alcohol on a driver, including the amount of alcohol consumed by the driver, and the rate that the alcohol is absorbed in the driver’s body. Gender, weight, tolerance levels, and amount of food consumed all play important factors as well.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to become sober by fresh air, coffee, or food. At least one hour is required for the driver’s body to metabolize one alcoholic beverage.

Coordination and judgment are immediately affected after the first alcoholic beverage. A person’s reaction time slows, even at a BAC level of below 0.08 percent. When the driver’s blood alcohol content is as low as 0.04, then his or her chances of being involved in a car accident increases. By the time the driver’s blood alcohol content is 0.06, the chances of being involved in a car accident are twice as likely as drivers who did not consume alcohol.

Drivers who have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 are over 11 times as likely to be killed in a car accident as their non-drinking counterparts.

Call a DuPage County DUI Defense Attorney

Being charged with driving under the influence is serious, which could result in temporary or permanent loss of driving privileges, among other consequences. If you have been charged with a DUI, it is very important to speak with a DuPage County DUI defense lawyer immediately. At Myers Law LLC, we bring over 11 years of seasoned experience in representing our clients in various criminal defense matters, and we are ready to assist you with your case. For a free 15 minute phone consultation, please call 844-984-3529 (844-9-THE-LAW) today. To further assist the needs of our clients, we also speak Spanish.




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