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DuPage County Criminal Attorney Case Successes

Myers Law LLC Client Case Results

Myers Law LLC case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.

Jury Finds Client Innocent of Resisting a Police Officer

Client found innocent after defense attorney’s arguments during a jury trial for Resisting a Police Officer.

Innocent on DUI

Client was found innocent after his defense attorney’s argument during a trial by Judge.

Felony Battery Reduced

Client originally charged with a Class 4 felony avoided prison and pleaded guilty to only a misdemeanor.

Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

Client charged with domestic violence case was dismissed after his defense attorney set the case for trial.

Marijuana Charge Reduced

Due to mitigation presented by his defense attorney, client’s drug charge was dropped and he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Retail Theft Case Dismissed

Client charged with retail theft case dismissed after his defense attorney set the case for trial.

Lenient Sentence in Murder Case

Client given more lenient sentence by Judge due to defense attorneys’ hard work and dedication during the sentencing hearing.

No Jail for Driving Charge

Client avoided jail time on a driving while revoked license and instead received community service.

Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Client’s traffic accident case was dismissed after being set for trial by the defense attorney.

Order of Protection Not Issued

Client did not have an order of protection issued against him after his defense attorney represented him in court.

Reduction on Resisting/Obstructing a Police Officer

Client pleaded guilty to a lesser charge than resisting/obstructing a police officer.

Court Supervision for DUI

Client charged with DUI in serious case received court supervision instead of a conviction.

Court Supervision for Drug Charge

Client received court supervision instead of a conviction for a serious drug charge.

DUI Reduced

Client’s DUI charges were dropped and client pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

No Jail for Felony DUI

Client avoided any jail time on his felony DUI and received only probation.

Felony Drug Case Reduced

Client avoided a possible sentence of up to 60 years where his defense attorneys negotiated a reduction in the charge and a sentence of only 4.5 years.

Jury Finds Client Innocent of Prostitution

Client charged with prostitution found innocent after her defense attorney argued for innocence at her jury trial.

Summary Suspension Hearing Won

Client’s license was not suspended for having been charged with DUI after his defense attorney won his summary suspension hearing.

Jury Finds Client Innocent of Criminal Trespass to State Property

Client charged with criminal trespass to state property found innocent after a jury trial.

Felony Drug Charge Reduced

Client was accepted into the Mental Health Court Program, and his case was dismissed and at the completion of treatment.

Jury Finds Client Innocent of Class 3 Felony Retail Theft

Client charged with felony retail theft found innocent of Class 3 felony and avoided more prison time as he was only sentenced on his Class 4 felony retail theft charge.

Jury Finds Client Innocent of Marijuana Possession

Client found innocent of possession of marijuana after her defense attorney fought for her during her jury trial.

Jury Finds Client Innocent for Domestic Violence

After a jury trial and defense attorney’s arguments, a jury finds client innocent of domestic violence.

Order of Protection Vacated

After a hearing on his defense attorney’s motion, the Judge vacated client's order of protection after his charges for domestic violence were dismissed.

Judge Finds Client Innocent of Marijuana Possession

After a trial by Judge, client was found guilty of possession of marijuana. But after the defense attorney made a motion to reconsider, the client was found innocent.

Supervision on Driving Charge

Client received supervision instead of a conviction for driving while license suspended.

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