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Illinois traffic lawer, Illinois speeding violation attorneyWere you stopped for allegedly driving over the speed limit within the state of Illinois? Many residents are quick to pay their speeding ticket just to make the matter “disappear.” Before mailing in your hard-earned money, you may want to turn that citation over and read the back. There is a significant amount of information available there, much of which has a direct impact on your driving status and your future. The citation is much more than paying money to the state; it admits guilt of breaking the law.

The Path of Least Resistance

It is human nature to take the easiest course to avoid extended spending extra time and money dealing with an unpleasant issue. After receiving a citation, the path of least resistance is to pay a ticket. What many do not realize is that to pay the ticket is the same as being found guilty by a judge. Yes, paying the penalty gets the matter over with as quickly as possible. However, it also has the following negative impacts:


Illinois traffic lawyer, Illinois traffic rulesIn Chicago and the surrounding areas, you see roadsides and parking garages littered with parking meters. Although you may luck out and find free municipal parking occasionally, these spots are rare and a hot commodity for those looking to spend their money elsewhere. A growing number of Illinois residents opt to utilize public transit to avoid the hassle of finding parking. For those of us who choose to maintain our transportation independence, we must endure the daily struggle to locate parking spots within a reasonable distance to our destinations at a fair cost, and then abide by the time limits set by each area. Occasionally, we need more time in the area and to avoid being towed we run all the way back to our vehicles to pay the meter. However, adding money to the meters is illegal, and many residents are consistently penalized with a traffic citation for this mistake.

The Meter Has Time.

The number one argument in this situation is that the meter had time still left when the officer issued the citation. Is this legal and possible? If your initial time has lapsed, then you must move your vehicle to allow that space to be available for other motorists. To feed the meter to add on additional time is against the law. Many times, the addition successfully goes unnoticed, however, if someone has the evidentiary support that the vehicle remained within the same spot over the initial allotted period, charges are possible.


Illinois traffic violation attorney, Illinois defense lawyerDuring the barely-alert state of your morning commute, you forget you are on a toll road and fly past the toll booth without a pass or payment. You are on your route to work and tell yourself that you will pay it when you get home. But, by the time you get home, you have forgotten all about your morning toll incident. A week later, you have a rude reminder when you check your mailbox: you have a toll violation. Before you pay that fine, stop and consider the repercussions.

Paying the Ticket Screams “I Am Guilty”

The Illinois Tollway sends out traffic violations seven days after the missed payment. The Notice of Toll Violation provides a significant amount of information, but the information people focus on is the cost of the bill. Although the fines become hefty due to the additional $20.00 charge for a toll violation, the thought of a court hearing strikes fear into the hearts of many citizens, and they choose to pay exorbitant totals. However, doing so is agreeing that you are guilty of the behavior, which may result in additional points on your license, increased insurance rates, and a potential loss of licensure.



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